Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boo to Boolean Searching

Boolean Searches and I don't get along.  A Boolean search makes you think about how to construct your search NOT what you are looking for.

One of our Doctor friends who is a very smart guy with lots of polysyllabic words in his vocabulary tried to construct a Boolean search for me to prove he could do it.  The man is brilliant, he can operate using the da vinci surgery robotics system and teach medical school.  The Boolean thing...too hard.  I gave him my keyword guessing machine analogy.  He equated it to a slot machine.  Then I made a really tragic mistake; I tried to explain it.  Aside from being able to talk about George Boole, the father of Boolean logic and its "and" "ors" and "nots"the rest of the conversation was unfulfilling all the way around.

I like cognitive searching.  Or semantic searching, searching related to the structure of language and logic, if you want to be more accurate.  

Cognitive searching lets you search using your ideas.  You can create a stream of consciousness text entry that describes what you are looking for and then hit enter.  The search uses latent semantic analysis to understand what you are looking for and then go find it.  This is a much more satisfying search experience.

At Coronado Group we are very good at cognitive searching.

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