Monday, August 15, 2011

Goog, Moto and the Patent Bonanza!!

Google buying Motorola Mobility changes the whole wireless patent war landscape. I wonder how the Rockstar Bidco guys feel about this one. $4B for the Nortel patents, $12.5B for the Moto mobility portfolio and all the stuff that goes along with it. Looks like they got more patents for their billions and a considerably lower per patent price.

So consider the following. Microsoft is hooked up with Nokia. Google has Moto. RIM has a bunch of stuff and the Multimedia Trust patents that go back to the Netravali days. And Apple has well Apple.

Do you think Carl Icahn was in on the deal? Was he having the red herring conversation to distract everyone while Google closed their deal?

Now things are really getting interesting. A patent attorney's bonanza. Here comes the big cross licensing deal and we all lived happily ever after with our cool mobile devices.

Stay tuned.

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