Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dick Tracy Would be Proud

There is kind of a watch-technology thing going on here.  One of the technology wizards we work with explained how he finds the people who are going to understand new technology.  He starts every meeting by asking the assembled crowd, "Who's wearing a watch?"  Once the watch wearing crowd identified itself, he sells to the other guys.  I asked him why.  The answer was, the watchless crowd uses their phone for everything.  They have no preset notion on how things work, what things belong on what device and embrace the new.

After this week's Consumer Electronic's Show, the watchless are going to be faced with a dilemma.  I'm Watch - the first Smart Watch.  They may have to buy a watch.

Instead of using your phone for everything you can use your Android I'm Watch for just about everything.  They may have solved one of the real problems with phones - leaving them places.  With the Smart Watch you phone is on your wrist so you can't leave it in strange places and you won't have that other problem that no one likes to admit to, dropping the phone in the commode - no doubt one of the serious drivers in the sales of insurance on mobile phones.  Made in Italy, this device may have finally matched the capabilities of Dick Tracy's radio watch.

The Verge has a more detailed review and more videos and pictures.

I think Dick Tracy would be proud.

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