Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chocolate Bunnys

Today's IP article comes from the Wall Street Journal on the trademark case on the Lindt golden bunny - foil wrapped chocolate bunnies. It reads,

"If you are not going to protect your trademarks, they are worth nothing," says Reinhart Lange, an intellectual-property lawyer at WilmerHale in Frankfurt.

"Mr. Lange is the Elmer Fudd of chocolate rabbit look-alikes. He has represented Lindt for some two decades. He learned the trade from a senior partner who brought intellectual-property cases for Lindt back in the early 1980s."

Little critters multiplied to get to it's current sales of $44M. The case is a legal rabbit hole with hopping mad founders family. Lots of rabbit metaphor. Nice.

Chocolate rabbits, intellectual property lawyers, Elmer Fudd. Some guys have all the fun.

Here are a couple of great golden bunny videos:

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