Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silent Discos

In honor of Bonnaroo, the amazing four day Music & Arts Festival taking place in Manchester, Tennessee, we bring you information on the technology that supports their innovative event - the Silent Disco.

The Silent Disco was made possible by the emergence of wireless technology and the IPod generation, the silent disco solves the age old problem of "turn down that music". No need to turn down the music here. The club goers wear wireless headsets and the DJ spins for non-stop jamming without disturbing the peace or violating the noise ordinances.

In the world of information hide and seek, here are we provide you with what wireless headphones are called devices in patent lingo:
And you thought all you had to do was slip them on and bust a move...

Here's how Sony describes one of its inventions:

A pair of wireless headphones receives radio frequency transmissions from a sound system to provide music and other audio programming to a user who is free to move anywhere within the range of the transmissions. A telephone base unit also broadcasts notification of incoming phone calls to the wireless headphones. The headphones may provide an audio signal over or instead of the audio programming to notify the user of the incoming call. The headphones may also incorporate a microphone so that the user can receive the phone call with the headphones.

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