Friday, January 28, 2011

Grim Outlook for USPTO

Today's Watch Dog Report in the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel provides a grim outlook on the state of affairs at USPTO. The article, " Despite efforts to improve, US patent approvals move slower" highlights the impact of long pendencies, budget freezes, attrition and a host of other ills. John Schmid wrote, "...the US wastes at least $6.4 Billion each year in "forgone invention" - legitimate technology ht cannot get licenses and start-ups that cannot get funded because of US Patent Office problems."

The horror stories of patent applications languishing on the floors of examiners offices for years are distressing. When you consider the current political and economic chants about innovation, and research and development; reports that the Chinese want to file a million patent applications by 2015 with a good number of them landing here, an the accelerating pace of the creation of complex technical and scientific documents and no subject matter experts to review all this stuff; PTO seems to be in for a rough ride.

You can read the article at here. Thanks to Greg Aharonian of Internet Patent News Service for passing the report along.

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