Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Ideas to Market Nexus

Cleveland Clinic and MedStar announced a new collaboration to bring more medical inventions to market. Read the article in yesterday's Washington Post here.

The Post reports that this is one of the first partnerships where a health services system is partnering with the holder of life sciences patents to leverage the health systems clinical experts to commercialize patented inventions.

One of the interesting items in the article is the nexus between adoption of electronic health records and finding more opportunities to reach out to other experts to collaborate. "With improvements in electronic health records, more health systems will be turning to such collaborations to tap into the expertise of other organizations, officials said.'

Calling Alan's an extension of the collaboration model.

This is good news for inventors, for clinicians, and for patients and an interesting twist on commercialization to cut the time to market for innovations.

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